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Gummy Gel and Wax

photo 1

This gel is alcohol free so it won’t dry out your hair or scalp. It has a very strong hold and is easy to rinse out. The wax is not too tacky and has a medium hold.

Large gummy gel: $12

Small gummy gel: $7

Gummy wax $12

Clubman Products

photo 2 “The original barbershop products.” Their companys is over 200 years old. Their aftershave is known as the champagne of aftershaves!

Clubman After Shave Lotion: $10

Clubman Talc powder: $10

Proline Oil Sheen

photo 3 Proline Oil Sheen is a great scalp and hair moisturizer for men with very short haircuts. It is a light oil based spray with a bubblegum scent. Very good for short fades, brush cuts, and buzz cuts.

Pro-Line Oil Sheen: $10

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